Pride and Prejudice and Zombies… VIDEO GAME

We’ve seen the book and the prequel. Soon to see a movie and a graphic novel. And now a video game?  Is anyone else feeling a little bit drained?  I love a good old zombie-killing game.  Particularly when it involves blood and my iPhone (or iPod Touch if you swing that way).  But this just seems like a waste of time (particularly when an App store search of the term ‘zombie’ reveals about 671 hits), however I will possibly get it when it finally does arrive- although pricing information is not yet available.

Freeverse, the digital development company creating the game (who are also known for flick fishing, Zombie Cannon Carnage and Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab) said that it’s “a rollicking action title with the perfect blend of zombie slaying action and touching romance narrative”. I’m sorry, but I think I’m calling quits to this one before it has even come out (next month, by April, on iPhone/iPod Touch for anyone who is interested).  The pictures are crude, poorly designed and even look inaccurate to the era.  There also seems to be little to no understanding of the characters, and even less understanding of the strength of the Pound at the time.

Apparently we are to expect 2.5D graphics (Woop-de-doo…).  As Freeverse’s prices sit at around the $2.99 mark, with the maximum being $4.99 I think we can expect it to be around this as well, although no guarantee.  Apparently Freeverse has had six Apple Design awards (prestigious?  If you know then let me know!) and over 5 million paid downloads, but I figured… let’s cut the crap, and so downloaded their free applications (available via App Store if you’re interested): ‘Parachute Ninja Free’, ‘Sim Stapler’, ‘Jared‘ and ‘Space Hike’.

Parachute Ninja Free– Has quite a nice gameplay to be honest.  Nothing really special, but it is glitch-free, has a fun user-interface and the game idea is quite unique.  It also manages to smoothly put the instructions into the game, and has music and graphics that fit the piece well (although are very cartoon-ish).  I have a feeling this style of game-play is what we will be expecting, as it has a storyline to it that is shown through flashing visuals before each level.  The loading isn’t too slow, and it gradually increases each new control so you aren’t thrown into the game like “What the hell?!”. 

Sim Stapler– Now this is what I call bloody annoying.  It’s literally a crappily-animated stapler on an old Apple screen.  Awful sounds, awful graphics.  Just painful and pointless.

 Jared– Oh god.  Just like the Sim Stapler, very pointless, the worst music I’ve ever heard (to the point of irritation) and a dreadful user interface (you can’t click anything) with bad graphics (a yellow blob with a mouth…).

Space Hike– I was expecting this to be better, but it was just a bit mediocre.  I couldn’t understand the point of this.  It is static, skips from screen to screen and doesn’t give you any motivation to play.  That being said, it reminded me of some form of space battleships, which is a game play that some do like. 

If it’s anything like the first game, then I think it is likely to be a success.  As it is the most recent out of them, being made in 2010 this year (it seems as though the stapler and the yellow blob were more trial runs) I am hoping that what they bring to the table will be fresh and interesting and not nearly as crude as it currently appears.  Essentially, even PPZ is about a good story.  So what I’m hoping is that this story will be included in the gameplay as much as the blood and guts and zombies are.

So what do you think?   Will you end up downloading it?



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  3. when it comes to video games, i enjoy playing those that have very nice graphics and story like Plantz and Zombies -~*

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