Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls Book Preview

…And Women’s History Month
Directed by Charles Haines

As spoken about previously in other posts, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls by Steve Hockensmith (no attribution to Jane Austen) is a pretty exciting development in the P&P&Z saga starting to emerge.  However, nothing got me quite so excited about it as this video. It’s a fantastic bit of promotional material from Quirk Classics that gets me right into the idea (despite being a bit slapstick, and having very poor OTT English accents) and shows me just how good a P&P&Z movie can be in the future.  I can see how the sisters would fit well into it. 

Set four years before PPZ, (so expect a 16 year old Lizzy) with different subjects and objects of romantic interest and the history of the zombie-plague I’m sure this will be more than just an explanatory novel to the quirkclassic success. 

I also love how they use the costumes when fighting, not afraid to get their gowns dirty and show a bit of ankle.  Another thing that really strikes me is the awesome sense of empowerment.   As this is the end of Women’s History Month I think it should be brought up as it is an interesting concept, and if the book was more serious I’m sure it would go into the feminism side of things- would women be liberated quicker if there were zombies?  Would there be less time for subduing women, when there were zombies to be taken care of?  Would independence and strength and fighting skills be considered new accomplishments, as they are in Seth Grahame-Smith’s PPZ?

Elizabeth Bennet is the Ultimate Female Role-Model.  She not only shows feminist-type attributes of independence (and her ownership of an opinion) within the original Jane Austen novel, but she is outdoorsy and doesn’t accept every offer of marriage that is thrown her way.  I think this inherent idea is going to be taken a bit further, for all its got, as while she was fantastic in our beloved Pride and Prejudice, the subtlety of her sort of rebellious acts is lost on a lot of people today (who often say the book is outdated, irrelevant and sexist… not so!).

It sounds ridiculous, but in this you can’t take a butt-kicking Elizabeth Bennet less serious than her slightly-pathetic zombie-saving male counterpart.  What do you think?  Could the occurence of zombies redefine gender roles?  I certainly think that willing fighters like the Bennet daughters, as seen in PPZ, would be far more suitable for marriage than their likely-to-die-or-be-eaten counterparts. 

Coming soon?  My review of the 320-page zombie-mayhem prequel book itself.


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