If only the Pride and Prejudice characters were on Facebook…

And other P&P related boredom busters on Facebook.

In a Facebook-addicted world, it’s hard to imagine life without a profile, a list of friends and tagged photos.  This leads for a lot of social issues, but it’s quite interesting to speculate about what Mr. Darcy and Lizzy’s profiles would be like.  Well, as strange as it sounds, they’re already on facebook.  Mr. Darcy in particular has a standout number of his own profiles for the fictional character, with some being quite elaborate.  That one in particular is even engaged to another Elizabeth Bennet profile, and friends with profiles for Charles, Caroline, Charlotte, Kitty and Lydia. 

There is even a little narrative happening with status updates such as: “going to charles dance tonight not expecting to meet any cute girls”.  (Interestingly: the profile pictures are all celebrities, and whomever made this one used, the gorgeous, Channing Tatum as Darcy… yum!)  There seems to have also been some amusing playing around with status updates “complicated relationship with Elizabeth Bennet” and so on.  It makes me giggle, because I read other peoples’ relationship updates with great amusement and seeing the novel reduced into facebook terminology was quite well done.  I also really liked reading details about each of those characters (for instance, one of Mr. Darcy’s hobbies is playing cards)- and seeing how the correlating Elizabeth Bennet profile relates to it status-wise. 

Obviously, I could criticise many things (Charlotte Lucas’ wedding pictures- as Jennifer Aniston- having Mr. Collins as Brad Pitt… really?) including poor spelling and some inaccuracies in terms of plot and order of who became friends with who, but this isn’t the battle of Normandy so I can understand that it wasn’t meticulously planned.

But reading these things begs the question: What would they be like?  Even ignoring all the changes to the modern day- would Mrs. Bennet be an epic face-stalker, seeking out eligible bachelors?  Would Lizzy take Wickham’s profile on face-value, and ignore Mr. Darcy’s friend requests?  Would Lydia be the type of girl to untag herself in unattractive pictures, and to have a professional portrait made up for her profile- adding every man under the sun?  Would Mary be involved in intellectual conversations and the adding of philosophy applications?  Who would poke who?  It’s actually quite fascinating. 

However, if you are sitting on facebook in need of a Pride and Prejudice hit- then here’s something to keep you happy.  There are over 500 groups relating in someway to P&P- there’s a fan group of the 2005 film that has some great photos, and some amusing comments from the 150,000+ members.  There is also a great forum (under the Boxes tab) where people discuss whether they prefer Jane or Lizzy.  Of course, hardly anyone says Jane.  Some of the names of groups are enough to make me want to join them.  The group ‘I love Pride & Prejudice… most ardently!‘ has only got just under 1500 fans, but it’s fantastically titled.  Similarly, the slightly more popular ‘I can recite the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice word for word‘ and the related but not quite so PC, ‘I’ve memorized all 6 hours of the BBC Pride and Prejudice BITCH!!!!‘ also had me hooked.

But if you’re (somehow) STILL not satisfied here’s a list of the best Pride and Prejudice related things to do when twiddling your metaphorical thumbs on your profile:

1) Take a quiz.  Whether you want to know ‘Which Pride & Prejudice character are you?‘ or ‘Which “Pride and Prejudice” guy is the one for you?‘ there’s an app for it.  Unfortunately, they don’t bring anything new to the table, are very stereotypical and of short duration- but you can still giggle at some of the questions.

2) Stalk the pages.  Find out who’s doing Pride and Prej related things (‘Halloween Party – Pride And Prejudice And Zombies‘ and so forth).  Potentially steal their ideas for your own parties…

3) Drool over the countless pictures on the Mr. Darcy groups and pages.  It’s also good to see them having fantastically heart-warming names to match ‘I’d take Mr. Darcy at Pemberley over Cullen at Forks any day :)’ and ‘Being unable to say Mr. Darcy/Mr. Bingley without the accent’ and even ‘I blame Mr. Darcy for my high expectations of men’.  I also, have have HAVE to mention: ‘Basically, I’m in love with fictional men.’ and ‘I love Mr. Darcy enough to make Jane Austen uncomfortable’. 

However the absolute winner of The Best Group Name List is…
That’s right, keep walking towards me Mr. Darcy, you sexy Beast

So now you can spend even longer on Facebook, without suffering Pride and prejudice withdrawal symptoms.


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4 responses to “If only the Pride and Prejudice characters were on Facebook…

  1. Teasha

    Their sites are so neat 🙂
    Also, they used Jenna Dewan for Lizzy so they could have couple pictures with Channing Tatum because they’re married in real life…clever…

  2. Haha! Very nice write up! I’m not sure if facebook accelerated P&P emphatuation or if the love of Austen’s book/movie was just looking for a platform to blow up. Either way this pairing of FB and P&P has made for a highly amusing combo.

  3. i like chaning tatum because he has a great body, just look at those chest muscles -;`

  4. YoungWriter

    Their profiles are in the back of the “Bella’s Favorites” edition of “Pride and Prejudice.” They’re very funny.

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