P&P My Youtube Vid!

You’re going to have to excuse me on a few counts.  I haven’t ever done a youtube video before.  I have a very low level of equipment (as in my light is really gloomy, and I only have a handheld camera).  I am having a bad hair year, and hadn’t brushed it/put on makeup.  I had just gotten out of bed (despite it being about midday!). 

With all that being said though (excuses, excuses), I thought it would be nice to do a video so I could actually say what I thought about Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, as opposed to just doing a blog post about it.  And yeah, that’s probably all I need to say regarding defensive action!  If you have any other ideas for videos that I can do, then let me know and I will get on to doing them (they take a surprisingly short about of time compared to writing a blog).  Bear in mind I can’t cram as much content in, and I have irritating habits (as seen in above video) such as biting my lips nervously, forgetting what I’m going to say and using words like “temperament” (We have two dogs that my family obsesses over).  So here it is:

So if you like it then add me a comment, or even subscribe, or whatever.  MsJennieDuke is my channel!

If you want to let people see it on youtube then give them this URL:

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