Pride and Prejudice and Zombies… The Graphic Novel

Yeah, we’re all getting a teensy bit sick and tired of the P&P&Z posts, but here’s another one… and I’m actually a bit excited.  To be released on 4 May this year (though I have seen 5 May floating around), the new novel is a Del Rey piece, said to be being adapted by Tony Lee and illustrated by Cliff Richards (who you might know from some Marvel comics pieces).

Graphic novels are a guilty pleasure of mine, but with a film already in the making… is this a PPZ overkill?  I have read some people say they would never read the book, but would give the graphic novel a look- so maybe it’s appealing to a whole new audience.  Maybe it’s getting other people into classics.  Maybe it should be released a lot later on. Maybe it’s not.  I don’t know.

Possibly it’s a good thing that the graphic novel is being made at the same time, it hopefully means it will be very different to the film and therefore worth buying.  It should also mean that we get a lot of creativity and no influence between the two productions.  It will also satiate me in the meantime while I wait for the film.  But maybe they are ruining this whole series with Too Much Too Soon.  I mean, a prequel, a film and a graphic novel all in one and a bit years?

Another question I’m pondering over… will it be similar to the graphics already in the book?  There were quite a few (decently good) images in there already.  Will it be in colour?

I’m also struggling to find the PPZ graphic with the cover that looks like the one at THIS SITE.  I’m starting to think that maybe this is the real cover (it is Barnes and Noble after all, and I have seen it on Kaboodle once I think), but as I can’t find it anywhere else other than these two places my doubts are buzzing (if you know anything about this then please comment).  It says on it at the top: “The graphic novel based on the New York Times bestseller” and it looks consistent and professional to a convincing degree.

And I just thought I’d let you know that the PPZ: Deluxe Heirloom Edition comes with original art, including this awesome piece:

So, although I haven’t seen it all, I think it would be worth a look.  And if you have taken a fancy to that pic, then do them a favour and hit up a free download of it: or check out some of the other pictures when you get the book (each with a different artsy spin e.g. cartoon, paint etc).

Unfortunately there isn’t much update on the April 2011 film.  Although- check out IMDB discussion board for some amusing comments, and some great critique regarding who will play Darcy (James McAvoy is a current favourite).  It’s also interesting to check out what some people think it will be like.  There is a clear dispute over genre (will it be painfully slapstick, a horror or a historical regency piece?), and some worries that it will cheapen the appeal of the novel.  More on this later.

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