Lost In Austen (2011)

Following the success of the English mini-series (which I wrote about last time) they are apparently turning LIA into a fully fledged movie due out next year.  There isn’t much around about the film, sadly enough, but I did hear that they are probably going to set our heroine in New York, rather than London as it was in the 2008 mini series.

Sony pictures are the big fish in this LIA pond, and although a lot of the information was readily available not long ago, everyone has apparently been checking back and seeing LESS information than before.  From reading on a few forums, there have been rumours around that Debra Messing may be starring in the film- although on what that is founded I am completely unaware.

Last February there was a piece in the Guardian that included the following little details:

  • Sam Mendes will be the producer
  • Guy Andrews (who apparently helped write the mini series) is doing some of the script
  • Mammoth Screen will be the independent producing company behind it: Damien Timmer, Michele Buck.
  • In collab with Neal Street Productions: inc. Sam Mendes, Pippa Harris.

But what’s happening?  There aren’t even cast details up, nor a month of release… is it possible they have canned it so soon?


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20 responses to “Lost In Austen (2011)

  1. CJ

    I hope it’s true and there will be a movie. But, I wish they would keep the cast mostly the same. I cannot imagine another playing Amanda Price as well as Jemima Cooper. She is Amanda. Elliot Cowan was a better Darcy than Collin Firth, and I like Collin Firth. Hugh Bonneville IS Claude Bennett, I hope whoever makes the movie doesn’t muck it up. The cast had everything to do with the success of the TV mini-series.

    • thatjennie

      I’m fairly sure it was a definite at first (but it’s getting closer to the time and there has been no additional information anywhere or even a vague press release). As for the cast- I think it’s going to be completely different, sadly. I completely agree that the cast was one of the main elements of the original’s success, but I think having a new set of people will be interesting and will provide a new take on things. I think some parts of the storyline will even be changed, and the changing of the country (and therefore filming locations as well) is also going to be different- which will surely bring up new storyline considerations about accent? (Just a thought).

      • CJ

        Hmmm, ‘Lost in Austen’ in America? I don’t know, I guess it could work, but Jane Austen is just so English. I think it would lose a lot in translation. I have watched LIA over a dozen times. I am still charmed by it.

  2. thatjennie

    I am inclined to agree. It can be painful enough when an American actor is cast in a main role (mainly when they just don’t act ‘British’ or have a failing accent), and putting the whole thing in a different context is interesting. Have you seen Pride and Prejudice: A Latter Day Comedy? That’s set in the US, and is a *very* different, but interesting take.
    I love LIA- particularly the way in which Amanda Price is seamlessly woven into the piece, and the shots of Mr. Darcy in modern England are absolutely fantastic (it’s just so the way I would imagine it to be). I also love the suggestion of how Lizzy would have been able to cope in modern times.

    If a remake is to be made, I believe it should be the same story, but about the time Lizzy spent in England (rather than a rehashing of the whole LIA plot)- I think this would be a fascinating watch and a really unique perspective!

  3. KRChicago

    I absolutely loved LIA. I am so happy that they are making it into a movie. I think the NY twist would be interesting but agree it should be with an English cast. I also loved Elliot Cowan as Darcy and really hope that he is casted in the movie as well! He is so much more fitting than Collin Ferth and the new Darcy in the latest remake.

    The only thing I would recommend changing is Amanda Price’s hair. It was bothersome throughout the show and not fitting to the story, as it was all about her eventually fitting into that time era.

    The writers did a wonderful job. I love how the audience gets to see the totally different sides of the traditional villians of the story. I hope they don’t change too much but add more! What about Mary Bennet, the youngest sister, something was always leading me to question what was going on with her.

    • thatjennie

      Actually, I sort of agree about her hair. It doesn’t suit the era and it looked really awkward with the regency clothes/scenes. I mean, if she had transitioned to something resembling more of a regency-type character it would have helped but that never happened.

      Mary Bennet’s story side to it would be fantastic. I also think she is a character that I am often left either feeling underwhelmed by the storyline surround her or just thinking she is under represented. (If you’re interested in this then the PPZ preqel Dawn of the Dead goes into quite a bit about Mary and what she thinks about things).

      Didn’t you like the BBC/A&E Pride and Prejudice in 2005? (The Jennifer Ehle, Colin Firth one). Why not? I loved that one! Although it is a tad lengthy.

  4. CJ

    I did like the A&E miniseries with Colin Firth. Just not as much as I enjoyed LIA. I actually liked Amanda’s hair, that sort of underscored that she was from a different time.

    In any case, I hope they decide to make the movie with mostly the original cast. That would be a guaranteed hit.

    • thatjennie

      That’s fair enough. I thought she did well just via her acting to show she was from a different time (and her different clothes for a lot of it, and lipgloss etc- highly amusing!)

      I have fingers crossed for the same cast as well, but I really don’t think it’s going to happen 😦

  5. pippmc

    I cannot see LIA set in America. It has to be England, why does America have to ruin everything?

    • thatjennie

      Agreed, but it will be interesting to see how they justify her accent and travelling so far unexpectedly! To be honest I think it has been cancelled- there hasn’t been a single thing mentioned about it. However I have my fingers crossed (I haven’t heard updates for pride and prej and zombies either but I’m fairly sure it’s going to happen!).
      How do you think they would tackle the accent? (wouldn’t it change a lot of LIAs storyline e.g. Where they take the journey to her house et cetera…?)

    • amanda

      I agree I live in America and they can muck things up that are really good. I love this movie body and soul. I would really hate to see it ruined buy some one who is fake and to have it set in America well that would be stupid. I would really love to see Lizzy in our time. I think that would make the movie

  6. Gracie

    Ugh trust it to be an American going into a FAMOUS BRITISH novel world! And i hate it when they get an American actor to do a fake British accent it’s ridiculous and annoying! Cant they have a British woman living in NY and going into the Austen world, that way it can plz both Americans and British!
    I also hope they will show what Lizzie is doing in the normal world instead of just Amanda!

    • Ok,let’s not do the Brits vs. America thing! We are a little cultured here too. It is ridiculous for anyone but the same actors to be in any kind of remake. Or at least all British actors if we can’t have Rooper and Cowen. They did such a great job that it would be hard for most of us to appreciate anything else.Perhaps this is the hold up on a sequel.Debra Messing??? Something is just wrong about that. Can’t we just start with the Darcy wedding?

      • thatjennie

        I think a sequel is a really good idea! Unfortunately, it seems to be the case that the US re-makes British things almost word-for-word a lot of the time (for instance: I watched the US version of ‘Death at a Funeral’ last night and while it was funny it was just verbatim, practically, to the original script).

        Where is the fun in that? We need new storylines/angles… not just the same words in a different accent!

        I love Debra Messing, but she would be in no way right for the remake!

  7. amanda

    I think the movie should have the same characters but this time it should show what liz is doing instead. Then it should show Amanda marring Mr. Darcy and her progress in learning how to live in that time. Come on how many of us can say we could go back in time and live like they can I would be totally lost and it would be very entertaining. I was wondering what would happen now that she is marring him and how she would go about her life not working, nor would she have doctors and then there is the Bennets what is going to happen to them now that Mr. Colins has no wife????

  8. Ula

    LIA set in America with an American cast??? Pure sacrilege!! Ok, so LIA is a VERY different take on Jane Austen’s classic but at least it was done by Brits. And I’m sure there are plenty of ‘cultured’ Americans who feel the same i.e. that anything Jane Austen-related is strictly the domain of the British. The original cast did a fantastic job and I really can’t imagine anyone but Elliot Cowan and Jemima Rooper in the lead roles. Would definitely not be interested in a re-make or sequel featuring anyone else – I mean, Debra Messing!!?? What ARE they thinking??!!

  9. Liz

    So……just watched LIA last evening…….freaking loved it! All the lead roles should be filled by the same actors….they made the movie! I watched Pride and Prejudice- A Latter Day Version and I thought it only worked because Darcy was a English man. One thing I have to say I hope is in the movie: a scene showing them brushing their teeth. lol That was unexpected and awesome!

    • thatjennie

      The Latter Day Version is bizarre. I liked some of the changes (and the Lizzy wasn’t too bad). But you’re definitely right- Orlando Seale just made the whole thing work, an American probably wouldn’t have cut it. Also- does anyone know if Latter Day Saints people are actually like that? As in they hardly date and all want to marry? Seemed very 2D.

      I loved the teeth bit as well- it was genius!! What did you think of Amanda’s boyfriend? Dishy or not as good as Darcy?

  10. carolew

    I’m an American, and I certainly don’t want to see the story set in the states. :-/

    Then again, I don’t know why they can’t leave well enough alone. The mini-series was great. Why does it need to be turned into a movie as well?

  11. Megan

    I really really really hope they do NOT make it again in the U.S. . It’ll be just like “Skins”…the British version is SO much better. Movie producers just need to LEAVE IT ALONE instead of attempting to get money.

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