P&P&Zombies (2011) and Dawn of the Dreadfuls

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2011) FILM

After internet searching the novel for the last blog, and finding out there is going to be a film version I can’t stop thinking about it.  In my previous blog I wrote: “Natalie Portman is going to produce… and star in it.  I assume she will be Lizzy (and I have my reservations here), but assumptions are the mother of all stuff ups, so bear with me.  I can’t say I’m not really excited about this.  I ADORE zombie films.  28 days later, Dawn of the Dead etc… amazing.  But I don’t really want the P&P side of this to fall flat, and degrade the classic down into a rehashing of every other zombie movie but with some pretty bonnets thrown in.”

SIDE NOTE: A quick picture of the book prequel front cover- “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls”

It’s available on pre-order so make sure you get ready to snap up a copy- March 23!  I’m definitely going to get my hands on one the second March comes around.

Back to the topic (more about the book at the bottom of the post):
Here is what some more research has revealed about the upcoming movie.

+ Lizzy will, in fact, be played by Portman, so we can understand the film to be an American one as she currently lives in Soho, NYC, although I really do hope that the English Regency side will be as authentic as possible.

+ Richard Kelly will also be producing (you might remember his work when I mention… Donnie Darko!) along with Annette Savitch, Sean McKittrick and Ted Hamm.

+ Lionsgate is the studio that will finance it.

+ IMDB has a comment that says “Rumored that David O. Russell is set to direct the adaptation”

So, these are the sparce details, but the questions in my mind are flying… and the one right at the top of the list? WHO will be playing Mr. Darcy?!  There have been plenty of sites discussing who they would like to see in the film, but as of yet there is not even a whisper about who else will be in it.  As always, as I know, you will know…

Who would be in your dream cast?
Personally my Darcy would be Clive Owen, or perhaps Oliver Goodwill (but only in his wolf-ish moments such as that evanescence video clip).  I had a bit of a chat with some friends and:
Johnny Depp is the choice for Wickham, Emily Browning for Kitty, there was some discussion of Emily Blunt as Lizzy but I’m fairly sure she got ruled out, Emma Roberts as Lydia (I find her voice particularly painful) and possibly Emmy Rossum as Jane.  Paul Walker was suggested for Bingley but maybe even Bradley Cooper.  Zoe Wanamaker would be a pretty good L. Catherine if you ask me or Helen Mirren.

Do we think they will cast the big names, or find new talent?  I think the latter.

As for the book prequel:
Steve Hockensmiths prequel has certainly created a bit of a stir among the people I associate with.  As much as I love-to-hate P&P and Zombies, I can’t help feeling the buzz again.  Annoying, it’s about 40 dollars according to one website- which I am not keen to pay for something that left me a little bit empty last time for less that half the price.

Apparently there’s a lot of violence, a hint of some romance and we get to see Lizzy transform from a clumsy teenager into a fighting machine.  It should also explain where the zombies turned up from!

A little thing I have noticed- the picture I had previously included from booktopia had both Jane Austen and Steve Hockensmiths names on it, however the media release only shows Steve Hockensmith on the cover.  It will be interesting to see which is going to be published.

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